Turn Your Raw Data into Actionable Information

Digital Strata serves the information needs of corporate law departments and law firms, with services ranging from forensic investigations to automation of workflows to classic eDiscovery, including managed services. We help you understand the stories your data is trying to tell.


Concerned your trade secrets are walking out the door?

We can help you investigate trade secret theft by
   identifying remote captures of data, dubious print
     jobs, unauthorized use of external hard drives
       and more.

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Smartphones often tell the story.

Cell phones, social media   and telematics have become
 a treasure trove of data that spells out the details of
  day-to-day life. We can help you unravel the facts that
   tell the story.

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Classic eDiscovery

Our strong, knowledgeable and dedicated team can manage even
mountain-sized projects.

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All data is not the same

                     Much of the data that must be reviewed
              for litigation or investigations resides in
      non-standard formats, such as databases,
spreadsheets and wikis.

We are experts in working with nonstandard data.

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Managed Services

An appealing alternative
to bringing work in-house.

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Enterprise Data

Law departments and firms are increasingly responsible for compliance, investigations and discovery, so they need to understand what the data that exists throughout the enterprise means. We can help you make heads or tails of enterprise data.

Corporate Legal Data

Law departments often struggle to take full advantage of their own data and technology. We develop and integrate tools, processes and systems that help law departments perform at maximum efficiency and make the most of their information. We can also execute projects – ranging from simple entity tracking to complex discovery processes – on an ongoing managed services basis.

Law Firm Data

Electronic discovery is no longer limited to only big firms and large, complex cases. With almost all of today’s communications being created on computers or mobile devices, there is electronically stored information in almost every case. We have more eDiscovery experience than anyone, and we help firms of all sizes handle the forensics and eDiscovery elements of any size investigation or litigation project, or even take over and become a firm’s litigation support operation on an ongoing basis.