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Case Studies

Case Study: Distracted Driving

The Case During morning commuting hours, a tractor trailer made a highway crossing when it was struck in its towed unit by a passenger vehicle. The accident resulted in the fatality of the passenger, and investigation was necessary to determine who was at fault, and specifically for the defending law firm, how much fault lay ... Read More

Case Study: Cisco Minute Books

The Case Cisco offices around the world would request entity-related documents via phone, fax and email. Cisco Corporate Legal would then locate the document in paper-based minute books, stored in three-ring binders, and fax the requested documents to the requestor. These requests could take two-three weeks to complete. They knew they wanted a better solution, ... Read More

Classic eDiscovery Projects

Our classic eDiscovery offerings cover a full range of services from forensics and data collection to processing, review hosting and production. We efficiently manage entire matters for dozens of law firms and corporate law departments, starting in the early goal- and strategy-setting stages and continuing through final data production. We ensure results that meet our ... Read More

Managed Services

While many corporations see the value in bringing discovery or other data-centric work in-house, many of these companies do not have enough bandwidth and expertise to effectively build internal operations. We have decades of experience providing “managed services” in these situations so our client can accrue the full savings and value of moving a function ... Read More

Nonstandard Data Collection

Most data that must be reviewed for litigation or investigations resides in email or word processing documents; these are formats that review platforms work with well. However, some data is in nonstandard formats, such as databases, spreadsheets and wikis. We are experts in working with nonstandard data and preparing it to be reviewed efficiently and ... Read More

Phone-, Tablet- and Social Media-Based Investigations

In today’s connected environment, more and more data is created on smartphones and other devices. Cell phones, social media and telematics have become a treasure trove of data that tells the story of day-to-day life. The facts around sexual harassment, fraud, accidents and more can often be unraveled from this type of data.   We ... Read More

Theft of Trade Secrets Investigations

Trade secrets and intellectual property are the lifeblood of many companies. When they suspect that these secrets are being stolen, either from outside or by employees, they rely on Digital Strata to identify the extent of the problem and the players involved so the company can take an appropriate course of action.   In one ... Read More