e-Discovery Services

Our eDiscovery offerings cover a full range of services from forensics and data collection to processing, review hosting, and production. We efficiently manage your entire matter, starting in the early goal and strategy stages and continuing through final data production to ensure results that meet your scheduling, technology, and budgetary needs.

e-Discovery Services

Project Management

Using the well-known EDRM framework, we can manage your entire matter from the earliest stages of goal setting and strategy, up to final production of the data. Our deep experience ensures you a strong result that fits your needs on scheduling, technology, and knowing, up front, what your budget is likely to be.

  • End-to-end management
  • Increased speed, efficiency and accuracy
  • Fits scheduling, technology and budget needs


Search strategy has become one of the most critical elements of the eDiscovery process. It requires knowledge of legal terminology, linguistics, and subject matter expertise. We are experts in search strategy.

  • Diverse search expertise in how different tools structure searches
  • Linguistic, keyword & advanced analytics
  • Predictive coding workflow support


We provide the best tools for a comprehensive, accurate, and timely review of your data. You will be able to utilize powerful search, categorization and analytics with greater ease than ever before.

  • The best tools for comprehensive, accurate and timely review of data
  • Find documents quickly and reliably with robust early case assessment and review tools
  • Utilize powerful search, categorization and analytics and metrics
  • Next generation technology, no plug-ins to install
  • Cross platform and multi-browser support


Any eDiscovery process will produce documents in a variety of formats. We take your responsive set of documents and produce the desired format with appropriate endorsements and load file.

  • Bates stamping & endorsement
  • Native, JPEG, PDF, TIFF & mixed productions
  • Custom productions
  • Privilege screening and, privilege log generation
  • Multi-format, load file, generation (Concordance, Summation, Relativity, CSV, EDRM XML and more)