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Our classic eDiscovery offerings cover a full range of services from forensics and data collection to processing, review hosting, and production. This means that Digital Strata can efficiently manage your entire matter starting in the early goal and strategy stages and continuing through final data production to ensure results that meet your scheduling, technology, and budgetary needs – all in compliance with governing regulations.

eDiscovery Tools

Project Management

Using the well-known EDRM framework, we can manage your entire matter from the earliest stages of goal setting and strategy, up to final production of the data. Our deep experience in this field ensures you a strong result that fits your needs on scheduling, technology, and knowing, up front, what your budget is likely to be.

  • End-to-end management
  • Increased speed, efficiency & accuracy

Search Strategy

Fast becoming one of the most critical elements of the eDiscovery process, search strategy requires knowledge of legalese, general linguistics, and subject matter expertise. In addition, you need to understand how different tools structure searches. Mistakes here can be devastating, resulting in huge areas of missed or unexplored data.

  • Diverse search expertise
  • Linguistic, keyword & advanced analytics
  • Predictive coding workflow support

Data Collection

As the number and variety of devices grow, the complexity of data collection grows enormously. Even the types of data are growing, adding yet another piece to this puzzle. And how this data are treated, sorted, stored, and tracked can have a huge impact on the outcome of your matter. We are experts in collecting data—of any type.

  • Platform & data-type agnostic
  • Database, web, wiki, social media, structured & unstructured data expertise
  • Onsite, remote & targeted collections
  • Desktops, laptops, servers, mobile devices, tablets & USB devices
  • Evidence management


If you know—or suspect—that your matter will end up in trial, then the rules for data collection, analysis, and storage become even more stringent, and the consequences of errors are even higher. Digital Strata has the legal and the IT background to ensure that your data remain clean, preserved, well-organized, and defensible.

  • Search & forensic analysis strategy
  • Smartphone and tablet analysis
  • Comprehensive analysis (cache, deleted data, slack space, log files, chat, web history, cloud data, Windows registry, etc.)
  • Device imaging
  • Clean, organized, preserved & defensible data


With the plethora of today’s devices, the data you need may come in a wide variety of forms. In order to ensure it’s all available you need specialists who can standardize the data and process them quickly and efficiently for ingestion by the review platform.

  • Proprietary & outdated file handling support
  • Review-ready native, image & load file delivery
  • DeNISTing & de-duplication
  • Email threading & family identification
  • Metadata extraction & analysis
  • Optical character recognition & speech-to-text
  • Expert handling Of Apple macOS & iOS files

Cloud-Based Review

We provide the best tools for comprehensive, accurate, and timely review of your data. Find the documents you need sooner and more reliably with robust early case assessment and review tools. Utilize powerful search, categorization and analytics with greater ease than ever before.

  • Next generation viewer, no plug-ins to install
  • Analytics and metrics
  • End-of-branch email analysis
  • Custom productions


Any eDiscovery process will produce a multitude of documents in a variety of formats. Electronic files may be Macintosh, Windows, Office documents, emails, email attachments, or something completely different. We will take your responsive subset of documents and produce in the desired format, with appropriate endorsements and load file.

  • Bates stamping & endorsement
  • Native, JPEG, PDF, TIFF & mixed productions
  • Multi-format load file generation (Concordance, CSV, EDRM XML, Relativity, Summation & more)
  • Potential privilege screening & privilege log generation

A thorough, accurate, and expert eDiscovery process can significantly improve outcomes with minimal business disruption.